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We value leadership. Our desire is to use our platform to raise up a generation of leaders who will be positive influencers in their churches, communities and companies. Our desire is to partner with you and see you become a leader that will change the world.

Seasonal Staff:

Every spring and summer we hire staff to run our camp programs in multiple cities across Canada. We strive to staff our programs with individuals who have the ability to engage and interact with children and their parents, who are confident, dedicated, fun, enthusiastic, responsible, and who respect and align themselves with our mission.



We rely on amazing volunteers in order to run all of our programs. We are looking for individuals who are energetic, caring, responsible and seeking leadership experience. Summer camp volunteer applicants must have completed Grade 8 or higher by the end of the current school year in order to be eligible to apply. You can apply to volunteer with us if you meet the following criteria:

Summer camp volunteer click HERE


We are always looking to grow our team. As a team, we are committed to furthering our mission and vision. If you have the desire to join our team, we would love for you to reach out to us.

Regional Coordinators:

We are currently hiring Regional Coordinators. Coordinators are required to build a fundraising team and raise a portion of their salary through donations. For inquiries regarding full-time employment with us, email [email protected]