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EPIC on the Lake

Summer Camp

Join us this summer at one of our EPIC on the Lake camps. Our summer camps are developed with your family in mind and our aim is to provide your family with excellent summer programming at an affordable rate.

Each camp is co-ed and are open for all children. Each day your child can expect a day of activities, a team talk and an afternoon of fun camp activities. We provide a 6 to 1 camper to staff ratio and our leaders are trained to provide your child a fun and safe experience.

Drop off and Pick up will take place in your community with students being transported by bus to Wesley Acres.

Your Community

This summer we're hoping to make your experience as smooth as possible. To help us achieve that goal, we need your help. Complete each step in our pre-camp checklist, before you arrive for camp.

Before Camp Checklist:

1. Register and make payment.

2. Register and complete payment for lunch and extended care.

3. Read the Health & Safety Policies.

4. Complete Covid-19 Waiver & Release.

5. Complete Covid - 19 Health Questionnaire.

6. Do an equipment check.

Daily Camp Checklist:

1. Check your child's temperature. (Take a photo of the thermometer).

2. No Covid-19 symptoms > drive to camp.

3. Follow signs and complete an "onsite screening". Do not exit your vehicle.

4. No Covid-19 symptoms > say "bye" to your child.

5. When you arrive to pick your child up, stay in your car and wait for your child.